The Why’s and Whatfors?

There are days where I sit and wonder what I am doing here and there and there? Why do I continue to type and send these missives off to the interwebs for a few folks to read?

I have been in a funk of late and I cannot seem to escape despite my best efforts.

I have been wanting to talk about my journey.

I have been wanting a place to “think out loud” a bit and process outside of my brainbox through digital media.

And then I think that it would turn into nothing but a long laundry list, of things I want to do, need to do, an occasional act completed, and a lot of kvetching.

I guess I want to share a journey, and the random thoughts that happen along the journey.

Maybe some day, it will all come together like some wonderful quilt. Let’s hope!


When Headspace Hurts

When the desire is so strong, so anti-you, so pithy, when it is palpable and tastes like an oxidized penny in your mouth, you do anything you can to break the thought cycle, to refocus, to draw on memories and get out of your own head.

Some days, you just go to bed wondering if you bit your tongue so hard you drew blood.